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City Clocks was founded by my grandfather in the late 19th century. I am Jeffrey Rosson and I became a Fellow of The British Horological Institute in November 1981.

Each antique clock repair or restoration is carried out by me or under my direction. My team of dedicated, qualified craftsmen are thorough and all our work is fully guaranteed. I have three qualified clock repairers working with me in a well-equipped, purpose built workshop.

We have a first class dial restorer who is a specialist in antique clock dial restoration who will clean and revive the scruffiest of dials.  Two professional watch repairers, one Rolex trained, to look after customers’ watches. Our cabinet maker will restore cases to their original glamour.

You can be confident the antique clock repair or restoration will be carried out to the highest possible standard.

Antique clocks like all mechanical devices should have regular servicing. Fortunately most clocks will run a very long time between servicing. An inexpensive, mass produced clock is probably best left alone until it gives up altogether. Then you can decide to repair or replace. However a quality or antique clock should have regular maintenance to prevent excessive wear. As a basic guide French clocks including carriage clocks should be serviced every five to seven years; bracket clocks every seven to ten years and grandfather clocks every ten years. Clocks that are very rare or of great quality you should have these service intervals halved. Regular servicing will greatly reduce wear that could lead to parts needing replacement. Watches should be serviced every two years.

This is how we repair an antique clock 

After examination we prepare or confirm an estimate of the cost. In our workshop your antique clock will be given a very careful examination to note worn and broken parts for repair.  The movement would be totally dismantled and the parts further examined for wear.  All components would be cleaned and any rust or corrosion removed, all worn bearings will be re-bushed and the wheel pivots polished to a good bearing surface. Pallets will be re-faced and escapement adjusted. After repair all parts will be polished, springs checked and replaced if necessary, the movement re-assembled, the striking work set up, all moving parts would be lubricated with correct oils or greases, the dial and hands re-fitted.  Your antique clock will be set up and tested for at least two weeks before being set up in your case and further tested.

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