Watch Repairs & Restoration

City Clocks offers a first class watch repair service

Purchasing a top quality watch gives a sense of achievement and pride that goes with all objects of perfection. We experience this pride when we maintain top quality watches. Our service is based on three generations and over 100 years of craftsmanship. We employ the latest technology in horological science and chemistry.

Watches are carefully examined in detail by our qualified craftsmen, dismantled, repaired and thoroughly cleaned before final assembly and adjustment, followed by several days of testing to ensure reliable accurate timekeeping.

Please bring your watch in or send it by registered mail for an immediate quotation. In London we are able to arrange secure collection and delivery throughout The City and West End.

All watch repairs & restorations come with a guarantee

There are many advantages in dealing personally with experts who can handle routine servicing or accidental damage to watches, from the most complex designer creation to a humble mass produced timepiece. Even an inexpensive watch when serviced will receive a full twelve month guarantee.

Attention to detail makes it unlikely you will need our two year guarantee. In the event of a claim under guarantee you will have absolute priority over all other work.

Under the personal direction of Jeffrey Rosson, a third generation horologist and Fellow of the British Horological Institute, City Clocks offers a first class repair service. Repairs are carried out in our own workshop where you can see us at work. Your timepiece will be returned to you cleaned by hand, polished where appropriate, repaired and adjusted.

Please contact us for more information or book a repair!

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