Clock Maintenance

The following Setting Notes are designed to be of assistance to anyone owning an antique clock or watch but who has little knowledge of how to protect it, set it up or look after it.

  • How to set up a clock

    How to set up a clock

    It is not possible to cover every example of clock made over several hundred years but you will find most of the clocks you are likely to encounter. Select a clock type similar ...

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  • 400 Day / Anniversary Clock Maintenance

    400 Day / Anniversary Clock Maintenance

    The 400 day or Anniversary clock is a precision instrument capable of very accurate timekeeping - if properly adjusted and looked after. Almost all other spring wound clocks req...

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  • Atmos Clock Maintenance

    Atmos Clock Maintenance

    Locking the Pendulum on the Atmos Clock You will receive the Atmos clock with the pendulum locked, i.e. the locking lever under the base at the front of the clock will be to...

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  • Barometer Maintenance

    Barometer Maintenance

    A barometer is a working mechanical apparatus. It will perform as well as its design will allow if looked after correctly. Normally barometers require very little attention, but...

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  • English Dial Clock Maintenance

    English Dial Clock Maintenance

    These fine clocks are mainly simple time pieces but sometimes are striking hours. Pendulums should always be removed or secured for moving the clock to prevent damage. Ensure yo...

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  • English Wall and Bracket Clocks Maintenance

    English Wall and Bracket Clocks Maintenance

    Setting Up English Wall & Bracket Clocks The pendulums of these clocks take two forms, either detachable or not, depending on what type of escapement is used. Anchor and dea...

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  • French Carriage Clock Maintenance

    French Carriage Clock Maintenance

    Setting Up French Carriage Clocks Whenever the clock is moved the escapement continues to run. If the clock strikes on a gong or a bell the tone should be checked. Check the...

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  • French Strike Maintenance

    French Strike Maintenance

    Setting Up Whenever the clock is moved the pendulum should always be taken out. To do this first, determine from the pictures which type of suspension your clock has - eithe...

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  • Quarter Chime Longcase Maintenance

    Quarter Chime Longcase Maintenance

    Your Quarter Chime Longcase clock weights powers your grandfather clock. The weight on the right powers the chimes, the weight on the left powers the hour strike and the cen...

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  • Long Case Maintenance

    Long Case Maintenance

    Setting Up Long Case Clocks There are two main types of longcase clocks, 8 day and 30 hour. The simplest way to tell is that 8 day clocks have winding holes through the dial...

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  • Vienna Regulator Maintenance

    Vienna Regulator Maintenance

    Setting Up Vienna Regulator Hang the case securely on a screw and if possible get an assistant to hold the case. With the shiny side of the pendulum facing you, hook the pen...

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  • Waterproof Watch Maintenance

    Waterproof Watch Maintenance

    Water Resistance: Important information Waterproof? First assume that your watch is not in any way waterproof unless it says so on the case back or the dial. Without this in...

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