French Carriage Clock Maintenance

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Setting Up French Carriage Clocks

Whenever the clock is moved the escapement continues to run. If the clock strikes on a gong or a bell the tone should be checked. Check the bell of gong is not fouling the case, in any way. To check the bell gently lift up the hammer and release to check the sound. To correct this first turn the bell round into another position in case the central hole is eccentric. Failing this, the hammer arm must be gently bent one way or the other until the sound is correct.

Winding French Carriage Clocks

Wind the clock once a week in a clockwise direction. If a striking clock wind both sides. Wind until the resistance is obviously too strong to safely continue. Ensure your key is beginning to wear round then replace it as it may damage the clock. Striking clocks must be wound on both sides to avoid damage.

Hand Setting

When setting the hands use the small end of your double ended winding key. Move the minute hand in a clockwise direction only. If a striking clock move the minute hand forwards slowly to each half hour and allow the clock to complete its striking. For minor adjustments in a backwards direction, the minute hand should only be moved betweeen the figures of 14 - minute or 44 - 31 minutes. To go back past 60 or 30 divisions may damage the movement.

Regulation of French Carriage Clocks

Both cylinder and lever escapements have a similar method of regulation. If you open the rear door and look near the top of the back plate you will see a small lever protruding. The plate will be marked with a+ or A and a- or R. To advance or speed the clock up move the small lever towards the A or + a tiny amount. To retard or slow the clock down move the lever just a little towards the R or -.

Clocks with Platform Escapements

(these have a little balance wheel spinning back and forth instead of a pendulum).

Setting Up French Carriage Clocks

There is no need for any special setting up as the clocks will go in any position.

Regulation of French Carriage Clocks

On the platform is a regulator which is pushed left or right depending on the letters A - R are used of F - S or S direction is to go slow, A or F is too fast. Advance - Retard, Fast - Slow.

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