Grandfather Clock Repairs & Restoration

Often handed down through generations these fine clocks have proved to be a good investment.

Top quality grandfather clocks continue to rise in value while mid-range grandfather clocks have stayed quite low and represent very good value.

Always buy the best your budget permits is advice that holds good for pretty well all antiques.

If buying a grandfather clock at auction get a condition report before bidding. Take a good look at the case and dial.

City Clocks will give you free advice and an estimate of likely servicing costs for your grandfather clock.

Always assume your purchase will require a thorough service unless advised otherwise and you get a guarantee. If the vendor is not confident enough to give you a guarantee it is safe to assume the clock needs work.

First, determine what kind of grandfather clock you have.

Generally speaking, grandfather clocks can be classified as either modern or antique. All grandfather clocks manufactured by Howard Miller, Sligh, Committee or Billib are considered "modern" because they were all manufactured within the last 50 years or so, and were fitted with modern German movements made by the Hermle, Urgos, or Kieninger companies. It is often better to replace these modern mechanisms than to repair them. We can advise you and estimate on both replacement and repair.

Antique grandfather clock are very different and with regular servicing will go on almost for ever.

A City Clocks service is most comprehensive and takes over 20 hours.

After examination of the mechanism in your home we usually find considerable wear in several components due to abrasive airborne grit particles. If a comprehensive service is necessary we transport the mechanism of your clock to our workshop where your clock will be given a very careful examination to note worn and broken parts for repair.  The movement will be totally dismantled and the parts further examined for wear.  All components will be cleaned and any rust or corrosion removed, all worn bearings will be re-bushed and the wheel pivots polished to a good bearing surface.  The escapement will be refinished and adjusted. After repair all parts will be re-cleaned, the movement re-assembled, new lines will be fitted, the striking work set up, and all moving parts will be lubricated with correct oils or greases, the dial and hands re-fitted.  Your clock will be set up, tested and regulated for at least two weeks before being returned and set up in your case.

The price we quote will be the price we charge and includes all parts materials and transport.

There will be a 12 month on site guarantee.

In addition to this mechanical work we are able to do careful dial restoration and cabinet work.

Please contact us for more information or book a repair!

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