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Locking the Pendulum on the Atmos Clock

You will receive the Atmos clock with the pendulum locked, i.e. the locking lever under the base at the front of the clock will be to the right. It should remain locked until you are ready to set the Atmos clock in its permanent place. Moving the Atmos clock without locking the pendulum can cause serious damage to the movement. Moving the lever to the right locks the pendulum, moving the lever to the left unlocks the pendulum. The proper time to lock the pendulum is when it reaches an extreme swing, i.e. it stops moving. Then move the lever to the right straight away. Do not lock the clock whilst the pendulum is in mid-rotation.

Levelling the Atmos Clock

Atmos clocks are designed to work best when placed on a stable, level surface that does not suffer any jarring. Use the spirit level at the front of the base plate to level the Atmos clock. Rotate the two levelling screws up or down until the bubble is completely centred. These screws are located inside the case at the front of the base of the clock. There is a third foot at the rear of the clock but this is fixed. The screws raise or lower the base and if they appear tight when lifting the clock, just raise the base slightly with one hand. If the clock will not level within the maximum adjustment of the screws, use a shim under the appropriate foot.

Setting the Time on the Atmos Clock

The front of the door of the Atmos clock is removed by pushing down on a gold knob on the top of the glass door, moving it forwards a little to clear the casing and then lifting the whole glass door out of the case. This must be done very carefully because it is easy to catch the sides or drop the glass and do some damage. Also be careful when replacing the glass door because it is all too easy to chip the bottom corners if it is not put back squarely. Set the clock to the correct time by using the minute hand only. It is best practice to move it in a clockwise direction and only when the pendulum is at, or about to reach, an extreme in its swing, or is locked. Do not touch the hour hand or move the minute hand backwards on an Atmos clock. When the summer comes in the Spring to change the clocks for British Summer Time, just stop the clock with the lever, when the pendulum stops moving, and move the minute hand forward by an hour. In the Autumn it is easiest to just stop the clock and restart it after an hour has passed.

Starting the Atmos Clock

Once the Atmos clock has been levelled and the hands set, the door can be put back in and the locking lever moved to the left. The pendulum should start to rotate and then keep oscillating backwards and forwards. It is best to set the hands a minute or two in advance before the door is put back in so that the lever can be released at the correct time. If the clock was stopped abruptly or accidentally jarred, do not spin the pendulum round by hand as this can damage the suspension spring and the escapement mechanism. To start the clock again, gently move the pendulum in either direction by about half of a complete rotation (180°) using something like the eraser on the end of a pencil.

Timing Adjustments on the Atmos Clock

The Atmos clock is very sensitive and can react significantly to very minor adjustments. If the clock is running too fast or too slow, use the adjustment lever on the top of the frame inside the case. Moving the lever to the left towards the S/R (Slow/Retard) mark will slow down the clock, moving the lever to the right towards the F/A (Fast/Advance) mark will speed up the clock. Each graduation mark represents about 10 seconds per day and it is best to move the adjustment lever a little at the time and wait several days or a week for the clock to adjust.

Cleaning and General Care for Your Atmos Clock

Keep the Atmos clock out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to excessive hot or cold temperatures. The gold plating and lacquer on the case of the clock is very thin. Never use household cleaners or abrasives of any kind. Clean fingerprints and dust from the case with a very dilute, mild detergent and a soft, non abrasive cloth.

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